Around the Grounds Issue 2 2018

Around the Grounds Issue 2 2018

Another big week of lax at the kennel this past week with our two under 11 boys team kicking of the weekend.

The under 11 White team played a determined Williamstown Cities side and unfortunately led for most of the day but fell short by a goal at the last whistle with a score of 11-10. Gabe Bramich was phenomenal running all day and being rewarded with 5 goals and 1 assist, Tex Murphy had 2 goals, Zac Antin had 1 goal 2 assists and Luca Turner was excellent having 2 goals and 1 assist. Its great to see the boys developing with a number of new players and a new coach, we are sure the results will come.

The under 11 Green team played Chadstone away on Saturday and had a resounding win 21-3. Josh Mannix was great again and is stacking up some numbers in the past few weeks, he finished the day with 7 goals and 3 assists, Henry Mcgee had another great day also with 4 goals and 5 assists, Elliot Kukucka had 1 goal and 1 assist, Jaeger Serafin had 1 goal and 2 assists, Fin Chick had 2 goals and 5 assists, Piers McColl had 2 goals and 1 assist, Aodhan Sullivan had 1 goal 1 asisst, Zayne Houli had 1 assist and Jerome Kukucka had 2 goals on the day.

The under 13 White team had a tough day at the office playing a very well oiled Williamstown side. Williamstown got out of the blocks early and by half time were up 10-0 but the boys fought hard in the second half and the score ended up 15-0 which wasn’t a reflection of how hard the boys tried. Unfortunately no goal scorers to report but the boys will be out on the track this week and each week the team gets better and better.

The under 13 Green team also had a loss on the weekend playing MCC, the boys teams are made up of all first year under 13 players and some kids who are still under 11. This shows in the size difference of some of the teams we play but the boys never give up and run all day. The final score was 7-3 and having two players away really told as we were outscored in the second half. Our defence was once again brilliant with Eli Jess playing a great game by intercepting and giving our midfield and offence the ball back on multiple occasions. Our midfield even though it was short never gave up and ran all day and made us proud. The goal scorers for the day Will Laracy with one goal and Jake Mannix with 2 goals and 1 assist.

The under 15 boys team played Williamstown at home and fought all day with the end score being 10-1 Williamstown’s way, our defence led by Liam Gillies running long pole and Broden Watson coming up big in the net were great. The team has been rocked by injuries in the last few weeks and Seb Flanagan once again ran the lines all day for his team and was our lone goal scorer for the day. Keep hitting the track and working hard and the results will come!

Our Under 17 boys once again were forced to play short this week with Altona playing 16 kids and our kids playing with 8 meaning they had two short on the field all day. Our kids were great only going down to Altona by 5 with a score of 15-10. Goal scorers for the day were Jackson Marsh with 4 goals, Jarod Parsons with 1 goal and 2 assists, Henry Murphy with 1 assist, Kyle Chamberlain with 5 goals and Ben Doll with 1 assist.

Our division 3 side had a blast from the past with a number of players that haven’t played for over 10 years making the journey down to Bendigo to put on the pads again, these players were lured out of retirement by the incentive from club sponsor Oreana Property Group that if they played and won Oreana would double there sponsorship of the club. The team got off to a slow start with a number of players dusting off the cobwebs but had a strong second half outscoring Bendigo 10-4 and coming away with the win and final score being 12-6. Luke Moore had a number of goals and assists and Kyle Chamberlain was great at the x giving our team possession at will. Special thanks to Oreana Property Group and in particular Tony Sass for sponsoring our club and making the trip to Bendigo a memorable one by doubling his club sponsorship to $10,000 after the team came away with the win, this is a huge help to our club and we thankyou for your continued support.

Our division 1 side played Caulfield at home in front of a decent crowd at the game with our state league side having a bye. The boys got their first win for the season with a 14-3 victory, Mike Denapoli stared with 6 goals and was supported by Xavier Fiorentini with 2 goals and 1 assist, Jackson Marsh 3 goals and 1 assist, Jake Phillips Jnr had 1 goal, Lee Jones had 2 goals 1 assist and Hayden Parsons had 1 assist. All in all a great win for the boys and its great to see the numbers getting to training each week pushing for state league selection.

It was a big day at FLC Sunday a with the majority of our women’s and girls teams playing at home and thanks to Mary and the canteen crew that organised a dinner for the girls afterwards. The day kicked off with our under 11 girls White team playing Williamstown Women’s Blue team and they came away with a 10-2 victory. The goal scorers on the day were Vanessa Kitanovski with 2 goals and 1 assist, Lousha Ivelja with 3 goals, Rosie Gaden with 3 goals, Sofia Gillispie with 1 goal, Mia Tonelli with 1 assist and Elly Liew with 1 assist. Its great to see so many first year players picking up the game so quickly and congrats to Williamstwon Women also for making the under 11 comp happen.

Our Under 11 Green team had a good win on Sunday also, playing WIlliamstwon Women Gold and coming away 7-4 winners. Point scorers on the day were Stella Olsen with 1 goal, Lily Walsh with 1 goal 1 assist, Ruiha Gemmell had 1 goal, Zoe Olsen had 3 goals while Isabella Buchhorn had her first ever goal. Congrats to all the girls on their win. It was a good day for our under 11’s and we look forward to having them play each other this Thursday night under lights.

Our two under 13’s teams played each other this week with the girls putting on a excellent display, there is a bright future for our junior girls. The Green team came away with an 8-4 victory. Point scorers for the Green team were Tara Gilmartin with 2 goals, Greta Murphy with 2 goals, Grace Gilmartin with 1 goal, Mabel Murphy with 1 goal, Sommer Habib with 1 goal, Zoe Olsen with 1 goal and for the White team Stella Olsen had 1 goal, Lily Walsh had 1 goal, Vanessa Kitanovski had 1 goal and Lousha Ivelja had 1 goal. The game was played in great spirits and it was good to see the girls have so much fun.

Our under 15 team played Eastside and came away with the win 17-3 in a solid 4 quarter performance. Point scorers on the day were Lucinda Brewer with 5 goals, Lily Gerardi with 3 goals, Mihiri Dharmabandu with 3 goals, Petra Hansby with 2 goals, Zoe Hibbard with 2 goals, Aurelia Milan with 1 goal, Jesse Caroline- Vanderberg with 1 goal 2 assists. Great work girls and we look forward to seeing you develop as a team through out the year.

Our Under 17 girls team played Williamstown Women on Sunday and got the points with a 20-4 victory. The girls played well all day and were led by Nikola Patsolaridis who had 7 goals and 1 assist, Georgia Latch who had 5 goals 2 assists, Bonnie Yu with 3 goals 2 assists, Lucinda Brewer with 2 goals, Alannah Hibberd with 2 goals 1 assist, Lily Gerardi with 1 goal. A great Sunday with all of our junior girls teams getting a victory.

Our Divisoin 1 womens team played Melbourne Uni on Sunday and got the win with a 7-4 victory. Its great to see the older players sharing their knowledge of the game with some of our younger players and helping them develop. Point scorers on the day were Belinda McKay with 2 goals 1 assist, Georgia Tucker with 2 goals, Sam Ahmed with 1 goal 1 assist, Heather Duffy with 1 goal and Ivy Hecker with 1 goal.

Our Premier division Green team played Surrey Park on Sunday with our team getting the win 16-8. The girls played well all day and the point scorers were Mel Lawerson with 4 goals, Aly Davies with 4 goals, Leah Mravlek with 3 goals, Nadine Doerner with 2 goals, Kate McLain with 1 goal 1 assist, Christine Mravlek with 1 goal 1 assist, Anatastasia Hunt with 1 goal and Jennie Dao with 1 assist.

Our Premier Footscray Side played Newport Gold and had a big win 31-3 and bounced back from losing to Newport’s top side the week before. The premier division is new this year has a number of the old Division 1 teams playing in it so the scores aren’t reflective of the competition. Point scorers on the day were Danielle Mollison with 8 goals and 2 assists, Abbie Burgess with 7 goals 1 assist, Bonnie Yu with 5 goals 2 assists, Sarah Mollison with 3 goals and 8 assists, Sarah Smith with 3 goals and 3 assists, Georgia Latch with 2 goals 4 assists, Kanon Suzuki with 2 goals, Savanah Mcatamney- Rasch with 1 goal and 2 assists.

A massive Saturday with all of our Senior Sides winning and an even bigger Sunday with all of our girls and Womens sides winning. The Junior “Bulldog of the Week” winners were Stella Olsen who won a $25 Spotswood Hotel Voucher for her outstanding team work and always following instructions and her guidance to younger players, Greta Murphy won a $15 voucher to the Yarraville Footscray Bowls Club for her amazing ground balls and intercepts and great team work, Gus Crawford won a $15 voucher to the Yarraville- Footscray Bowls Club for running all day and being a great team player, Luca Turner won a $15 voucher to the bowls club scoring a goal, playing hard and getting his team a lot of possession and Benny Doll also won a bowls voucher for running all day never giving up and playing great defence. Congrats to all of our Junior “Bulldogs of the Week”!

Some of you may have seen the ad on facebook but we will be having a $1,000 draw for our four Senior Australian Lacrosse Team members Chris Plumb, Jim Lawerson, Jeff Melsopp and Peter Kwas who will be heading to Israel in July to represent our country at the World Lacrosse Championships. Tickets are $30 each and includes two hours of beer, wine, soft drink, a BBQ dinner and your chance to win a $1,000. There will be auctions, raffles and games on the night and the event will kick off at 6.30, tickets can be bought at the bar, direct from the four players or online via the following link: