FLC a big hit at Yarraville Festival

Hundreds of locals have packed the streets of Yarraville for the annual Yarraville Festival.

As a gloomy Melbourne Sunday morning cast doubts over the day, there were still a brave few who took on the cold to see what Yarraville had to offer.

An array of local stalls filled the streets, from clothing designers to craftsmen to varying types of live music.

With a sausages sizzling away and lacrosse lessons being given out to all that came past, the Footscray Lacrosse marquee was one of the hits of the day.

As the sun came out and the chill disappeared, it turned into the perfect day for a snag and a throw of the lacrosse ball.

Projects coordinator Chris Marsh said the day was a “great success” for the club.

“Big thanks to all that came down to support FLC and lend their time to help grow the game and Footscray Lacrosse.”

The Footscray Lacrosse Club will be running a similar marquee at the Seddon Festival on Saturday March 4.

If you would like to get involved with helping during the Seddon Festival or have any feedback from the Yarraville Festival please email Chris Marsh at projects@footscraylacrosseclub.com.au.