Training to return from May 25

Dear Members,
The committee has met and discussed the possibility of returning to training with the recent easing of COVID-19 related restrictions. I am pleased to announce that the committee has come up with a plan that will allow us to resume training, whilst at the same time adhere to the government’s restrictions.
Please note that while this may come as fantastic news, we will need to follow strict guidelines to ensure the safety of our members and their families.

Return to Training Schedule (refer to attached map below)

Training Information:

  • All players must be registered with Lacrosse Victoria prior to participating. Information on player registrations can be found on LV or the club’s website.
  • TeamApp events will be created for each session and players/parents MUST indicate their attendance via the app. If the player has not responded to the TeamApp event, the player will not be able to participate in the session.
  • Training times are strict. We will adopt a “Get in – Train – Get Out” policy where we require players to be ready at the allocated start time and leave the field no later than 15mins after the conclusion of the session.
  • Players are to report to their allocated fields, ready to play, at the start time. Access to Ground 1 should be from the Roberts Street car park. Access to Ground 2 should be from Gent Street.
  • Training will be restricted to 10 players per group and restricted to 1 group per field at any one time.
  • Training will be non-contact and purely focus on fitness and skills.
  • Drills and exercises will be performed whilst adhering to 1.5m social distancing principles.
  • There will be no sharing of equipment or water bottles. Players are to bring their own water bottles (filled).
  • Player change room access will only be for the use of toilets.

Player Responsibility Checklist:

  1. Register with Lacrosse Victoria prior to first training session here:
    Please DO NOT pay any fees at this point – FLC will provide further information at a later date.
  2. Respond to team training event on TeamApp (how to download attached below).
  3. Bring your own water bottle (filled).
  4. Report to your allocated ground ready to play prior to the allocated start time.
  5. Adhere to 1.5m social distancing principles during training.
  6. Leave training within 15 minutes of the session concluding.

Parent / Guardian Responsibilities:

  • Assist where necessary to ensure Player Responsibilities are met.
  • Watch session from a sufficient distance away from the training area and adopt social distancing principles with other parents/guardians.

Coach Responsibilities:

  1. Plan training sessions to ensure there is no contact between players and coaches.
  2. Get out goals/other equipment from storage prior to player arrival.
  3. Ensure players maintain 1.5m social distancing principles during training.
  4. At the conclusion of the session, sanitise all equipment.
  5. Put away all equipment unless it is to be used by the following group on that field.
  6. Avoid players touching or handling equipment used for training.

Committee Responsibilities:

  1. Ensure TeamApp events are created for all age groups with attendance confirmation required.
  2. Ensure hand sanitiser and sanitiser wipes are available for all coaches.
  3. Ensure playing areas are clearly marked.
  4. Keep a participant’s attendance register for each training session.
  5. Ensure lights are operational for each session.
  6. Ensure toilets are open and available for use.
  7. Ensure toilets are cleaned and sanitised at the end of each training night.

Everyone’s Responsibilities:

  • If you have COVID-19 symptoms or have been in contact with someone confirmed to have contracted COVID-19 within the previous 14 days,
  • Maintain vigilance at training with respect to the social distancing principles.
  • Monitor TeamApp for any updates and or changes to training.

The Footscray Lacrosse Club appreciates that for some of our members, the COVID-19 crisis has been very tough. For that reason, we are extremely pleased to be able to offer some form of training. However, we all must remain extremely vigilant in adhering to the Chief Health Officer’s, Sport & Recreation Victoria’s and Lacrosse Victoria’s directions relating to returning to play. If we are not, we
run the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak which places a health and safety risk on the community and will almost certainly result in harsher restrictions being directed.

Finally, this training offer is completely optional. If you do not feel comfortable returning to training under these conditions, the club will fully respect your decision.

As always, if anybody has any questions or concerns, please direct them to

Tim Lane
Footscray Lacrosse Club

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