Upcoming Events

YARRAVILLE & SEDDON FESTIVAL HELPERS NEEDED!!! We have the Yarraville Festival on Sunday 18th of February and Seddon Festival on Saturday 3rd of March where FLC has a stall at both events. The festivals are crucial to our junior recruitment and help show our local community what a great club we are.   The day for both consists of running our BBQ, selling sausages, lacrosse activities with the kids and handing out flyers to parents and kids.We require your help and it take a massive effort from everyone to insure these are run successfully. If you can help out on either of the days or both please email Rudi at projects@footscraylacrosseclub.com.au


CLUB MOVE IN SUNDAY 1st OF APRIL We get our clubrooms back from ANA Cricket Club on Sunday the 1st of April. We need as many people as possible to help setup, clean and make our clubrooms look like ours again. If you can help out on that day please email Rudi at projects@footscraylacrosseclub.com.au